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Bill Etheridge MEP has just launched his new EFDD booklet - . Please click on the picture below to download it. 
Why have we produced another EFDD booklet? We believe people often assume things are ‘obvious’ and regard them as true when, in fact, they are not obvious at all. 
Brexit has turned Europe upside down and torn political parties apart. The Conservatives failed to win a ‘strong and stable’ majority in the 2017 UK elections and are mired in a constant state of crisis. The Liberal Democrats have faded into obscurity. Labour seems lost in the politics of 1917 rather than 2017. The EU seems to be pursuing a punitive agenda which threatens to impoverish us all. 
What is presented here is a clear, definitive guide on a route forward, covering the economy, trade, defence, law and order, management of immigration and much else. It also contains stark reminders of the realities of a world where far too many think only of themselves and/or are driven by irrational prejudice. 
Even if you do not agree with everything we have written, we hope you find it thoughtful, provocative and stimulating. 
We therefore look forward to taking our ideas into a post-Brexit world. 
We hope you enjoy the read. 
Bill Etheridge MEP, Tony Brown and Paul Brothwood 
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