Backdoor cuts to kids' school transport 
Protest staged to Save The Seven Stars 
Cross-party commitment call to help Hippodrome 

What I stand for. 

Lines seemed to be getting blurred (in some cases deliberately) about what different politicians and parties believe. 
For anybody who may be tempted to vote for or support me here is what I stand for: 
The individual and their rights to live as they wish within certain agreed limits must be protected against the state and big business. 
Community and the character of local areas is important and should be preserved. 
The state should be smaller but properly run and resourced so it can provide health care, education, law & order and defence as priorities. Welfare should exist as a safety net not a lifestyle. 
There should be less laws, rules and regulations but the penalties for serious crimes should be tougher. 
I am patriotic and love the UK while respecting other countries and their citizens. 
I believe immigration should be controlled but immigrants respected 
The people should be consulted in referenda on some of the truly momentous issues of the day. 
Government and politicians should be available and at the service of the people they should never be remote and scornful of the public. 
I believe first and foremost in personal, social and economic freedom and my whole reason for being involved in politics stems from that. 
Bill Etheridge, MEP