Vote UKIP and Elect Me On May 22nd 2014

I will be very busy but very honoured to be

standing in the followingelections for UKIP.


1)  European Election 22nd May 2014 - Prospective MEP

     (West Midlands region)

2)  Dudley MBC Election 22nd May 2014 - Prospective Councillor

     (Sedgley Ward)
  I know how it feels to have to say no to your kids and tell them you can't afford something because the gas bill has arrived and its way more than you expected. I know what it is like to keep an eye on the pennies when out food shopping and I know how to search through the sale items because they are about to go out of date so your limited cash goes just that little further. I relally am the same as the vast majority of the people I hope to represent and in what ever capacity I am elected to do so. I went to Parkfields High School and Wolverhampton Polytechnic so there was no prep school or Oxbridge edcuation for me.  I think that does make a diffference, I live the same sort of life as the vast majority of people from the West Midlands whom I hope will give me and UKIP their support.


I am a proud Black Country Lad born and bred.


You have no doubt heard these things before from every politician in the Old 3 parties however, I am not the same as those people and I hope that people will see that and will give me the chance to show them I am capable and will sincerely do my best to represent you to the very best of my abilities.




This video was taken at the Bradford Hilton, Yorkshire UKIP Rally hosted by Amjad Bashir MEP Candidate, on 14th/15th September 2013


This video was taken at the Telford International Centre, UKIP West Midlands Rally, Hosted by Cllr Jill Seymour on 5th September 013

Bill's has today been discussing the Keogh Report and its impact on our local hospital Russell's Hall, Dudley

16 July 2013


Video to watch below

Support for Bill's stand against hospital parking Charges, Thank You Mrs Down.